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Very good Italian focused news

Easy to navigate, quick updates. My source for all news serie A

All the info you need

If you are a fan of Italian soccer, this app covers all the news you need . It's great

Same as Twitter

I downloaded this app since I am a dedicated fan of Serie A and am always looking for news about the League in English. However, this app seems redundant if you follow them on Twitter, the same articles that appear on Twitter are on the app. Also as a fan of a smaller club, Atalanta, the specific information about them is severely lacking; my customized news for Atalanta is just their Twitter feed (in Italian). Could be so much better, but at least I can't complain about the price.


This app has consistently gotten better. Needs easier access to articles earlier in the week - accessibility- but is ver good

Good site.

Plenty of info on Serie A and the Azzurri.

Che forza Italia!!

I like how it is not just news for the Italian clubs or Nationality, but of other countries also.

Great app

Awesome English language coverage of Serie A.

Forza Doria

Amazing app, great and acusarte information of Serie A

Great App

Great app for Serie A and Nazionale news


Great app Go Genoa!

Love the App

As an avid Napoli fan I love the app, keep the news coming.

Love it

Big fan of serieA if you like serieA this app is for you forza!!!! Juve!!

Need iPad app!

Seriously need iPad app. Otherwise great app.

Love this app.

Use it everyday to learn first hand news in Series A. FORZA JUVE!!!!!

Excellent Serie A coverage

Great site, best app I know of that's dedicated solely to Italian Football. 10 Thumbs Up!

My go to app for Serie A news

Italian league news, scores and articles by good writers - they are all in here.

By far the best Italian football app.


Great App to follow Serie A

...but it could be even better...

Totti Guri

This is THE best for calico

A quick glance

A perfect quick glance for the SERIE A app. Keep it up!

App is good -Forza Rossoneri

Inter Merda #Milan ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

Good Job

Great site with great news

My favorite app

As an Italian football fanatic, this is my fave app. I am on this 2-3 times a day. Great inside content. I get scores at sofa scores but I get the info I need here. Hail the Azzuri and go Napoli!


The only way to improve this app would be to add a feature that permanently removes Inter and all Inter related nonsense. No one wants to see that garbage.


Works well, lack of scope and searchability

Nice App

Very informative, well organized, brilliantly simple. Rossoneri siamo noi!!!

Great app

Up to date news just like the website! Awesome

Good app

One of the better news apps I have


Very Good app i use it on everyday basis.

Great App but

Great app. Clean but lacks some of the basic necessities of a sports application. League standing, fixture list, blogs! I love the website and try to use it daily but the apps lack of the basic info makes me not want to waste my phones memory to download it especially if i can access the website just as easy!

Simple, does what it needs to do

Honestly, I prefer using this all over reading the actual website. This is a much cleaner, simpler look and I use it every single day. Forza Roma.

Forces notifications you don’t ask for

I’ve been a longtime reader of the Football Italia web site. The app allows you access to that content but also additional content in the world of football. You can also customize what teams you’re interested in following for notifications. But that is all a lie. The Football Italia app will ignore your stated preferences and spam you with whatever notifications it wants. I got headlines for England defeating San Marino to qualify for Euro2016, which has nothing to do with my interests or my stated requests for notifications. With spam like this, I cannot even disable messages like that so my only choices are to turn off all notifications or delete the app. Only a fool would make an app that ignores your stated wishes and promotes its own agenda.

Either I haven't figured out how to use he new version

Or it's simply the most confusing thing ever! All I want are serie A news, why is it asking me to pick a team, then wanting to give me only news about my team! And since I've selected my team, all I've been getting is 'no new feeds for your team' which I know is absolutely untrue! I will be deleting this app if things don't improve. And that would be a sad thing as this app, and the website, was something I checked daily, along with New York Times, BBC, etc.

No good update for Iphone 4 ios 7.1.2

I can't open from yesterday the aplication :(

The update made it bad

I don't normally write reviews for apps, but I had to this time since this is the app I turn to every morning to check for my favorite soccer team's news. Now, since the update, the feed (which contains news of the favorite team that you pick) has no option to choose my favorite team which means there can be no news of my team. Please fix this. It's the only reason I used this app. Thank you

Great update!

Excellent update that only made this app even better. It no longer crashes as it used to and this update made the app even more efficient to read soccer news and feeds. This is by far the number one app for soccer fans. Definitely recommend!

Very Buggy

I love the content especially this summer with my favorite team inter being being very active in the transfer market. However, the app continuously freezes up on me and crashes. It is very very frustrating. Please fix this great app!


Love this app, finally I can read all the news about my favorite team AC Milan!!

Not working

Since i started using iPhone 6 plus, the app doesn't work at all

Forza Milan

Great app focuses in Calcio news important for me becAuse I follow the best league. EVER.

Limited articles and not updated much

I check out the full web site for Football Italia from my pc almost daily and this app is quite lame compared to it. It's not updated enough and there are not many articles pertaining to Italian football compared to the full web site. You're better off just bookmarking that site and skipping this app really...

More or less useless

Unless you're that interested in your favorite Italian team, that you wanna when they had lunch and what they had, you might as well be better off with anything else in the App Store. I thought this was going to be an easy option of getting the news from the main site, yet they only offer some blog posts and links from which ever team you desired to follow. It's more or less 1/10 of the web version. In this case no news isn't that good of news. Highly disappointing.


I go to this website all the time, hopefully this is easier

Not good

No news is posted, just columnist opinion pieces. Thanks but no thanks. This is less useful than the increasingly useless mobile web site, which is really saying something. The web site seems to now serve as a forwarding vehicle for its advertising partners. Very disappointing all around for English-speaking fans of the game.

Don't even bother

I thought this app was going to be a handy tool for the iPhone to get all the latest news, blogs (op-eds), scores, video, etc. that is from the Football Italia website. It really only has the blog posts.. doesn't show the blog comments... no news stories.. Pretty much completely useless and the navigation options aren't in concert with the football italia site.

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